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I started sketching this back when the first episode aired and then kinda procrastinated for 6 weeks. I can’t believe I actually  finished it.

But isn’t it cute how in Future Fish, Nagisa is an astronaut and Rei just happens to be a scientist experimenting with rockets?

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Filed under frick reigisa is so important so important SO IMPORTANT rei nagisa free! reigisa i've only been watching this show for like three or four days but im so addicted and very convinced reigisa is important

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Filed under sighhhh this is a silly problem to have and i dont THINK that the issue is that im too wordy i mean i know i get kind of caught up in details and feelings so that might play into it but i think the real issue is that i cant really just write a SCENE i always write STORIES if you get the difference? i shove as much plot in as i can and thus it can end up spinning out of control and getting long b/c i feel the need to finish the plot sigh i think what i'll do for the new story idea thing is write out at least some of the story and then pick a reasonably sized scene and edit it a bit so the context isnt confusing and then use that and then maybe later post the surrounding story bits hm we'll have to see...... writing is hard such write things you didn't care to know about veronica personal

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Filed under he's literally so gorgeous like what the actual fuck are you doing you nerd why are you so pretty I HATE YOU hey hey wanna know something really silly and ridiculous about me so all of hermann's tech is in shades of teal and i read a lot of books as a kid where characters had colors associated with them due to magic and shit so i tend to associate colors with characters and obviously teal is for hermann and my blog background is teal that is not a coincidence i literally picked that color b/c of hermann im such a nerd oh man (also just btw newt is yellow like the yellow in his tats whats that you say? yellow and teal are complementary?? wow that is totally not something i've thought about hahah wow that isn't partially why yellow is for newt no not at all) hermann gottlieb